Bring a powerful message to your next speaking engagement. Lenny will inspire engage and bring excitement to your group.

Lenny Bazemore is an urban surviver. Like a chameleon, he has been able to navigate his environment and evolve at every stage in life. He has always felt comfortable both inside and outside of his community and has a passion for other cultures. He has cultural awareness that is compassionate and authentic. He would love an opportunity to work with you as a professionally certified life coach to help you reach your full potential. 

Film & Professional Services

Tap into my unique perspective through creative brainstorming and problem solving.

Personalized VIP Lifestyle consulting also available.


Anti-bullying, Over-coming adversity and Cultivating Dreams and Goals.


Mindset, Manifesting and foreshadowing to increase performance.

Professional athlete retirement game plan for life after sports.


Independent thought-provoking conversations with Democratic and Republican campaigns to bridge the divide.

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