Lenny is a husband, father, friend and Life Coach. He has a fine art degree and is a serial entrepreneur who has conceptualized and created 12 different start-ups. He is an angel investor in multiple ventures as well as an equity investor in a major software company. He has Produced for Film and TV. He loves making short films and being around film in general and has traveled and explored on all 7 continents. He is an artist who paints and generally creates and while on a trip to China in 2012, he consulted with a Feng Shui Master, who taught him simple principles based on color, material and placement. This is where he picked up his nickname, ZenLen. He uses the learned design principles in his art and construction projects as a real estate developer in Los Angeles. He is also the Life Coach for the LA Trade Tech Men’s College Basketball Team. In 2023, he was inducted into the Norristown Area High School Hall of Fame but not for his football talent. It was in recognition
of his philanthropy.