Have Lenny inspire your next conference or event
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Have Lenny inspire your next conference or event

Lenny Bazemore is an urban surviver. Like a chameleon, he has been able to navigate his environment and evolve at every stage in life. He has always felt comfortable both inside and outside of his community and has a passion for other cultures. He has traveled and explored on all 7 continents and has cultural awareness that is compassionate and authentic. As a solution-based thinker and idea guy, he would love to have an opportunity to speak to your group and help your company engage in brainstorming techniques using creative energies in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Innovative ideas are what drives our world. 

Traveling and exploring has been incredibly rewarding. I have a vast respect for other cultures and how they do things. Having so many different experiences around the world has inspired me to be a better global citizen and helped me become the person that I am today.

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"A powerful story of the persistence of childhood trauma despite personal triumph." — Kirkus Reviews